Nr Publications 2010

Aldica G, Cernea M, Ganea P
Dielectric Ba(Ti12xSnx)O3 (x 5 0.13) ceramics, sintered by spark plasma and conventional methods

J. Mater. Sci. 45, (2010), pp. 2606–2610

Aldica G, Secu M
Investigations of the non-isothermal crystallization of CaF2 nanoparticles im Sm-doped oxy-fluoride glasses
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, 356 (33-34), (2010), pp.1631-1636


Aldica G, Cernea M, Radu R, Trusca R
Application of spark plasma sintering to processing of dense Ba(Ti1-xSnx)O-3 (x=0.13) ceramic
Journal of Alloys ond Compounds, 505,  (2010), pp. 273-277


Aldica G, Badica P, Plapcianu C, Groza JR, Popa S
Flux jumps anomalous behaviour in FAST-processed MgB2 composites 
Journal of Optoelectronics ond Advanced Materials, 9, (2010), pp. 2000-2003

Badica P, Salem-Sugui S, Alvarenga AD, Jakob G
Non-centro-symmetric superconductors Li2Pd3B and Li-2(Pd0.8Pt0.2)(3)B: amplitude and phase fluctuation analysis of the experimental magnetization data
Superconductor Science & Technology,  23, (2010), pp. 105018

Badica P, Jakob G
A facile semi-open method for synthesis of non-centrosymmetric superconducting Li2(Pd,Pt)3B bulks and thin films
Physica C: Superconductivity, 470, (2010), pp. S655

Ivan I, Miu L, Popa S, Miu D, Mele P, Matsumoto K
Comparison of the critical current density of YBCO films obtained by dc sputtering and pulsed laser deposition
Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials-Rapid Communications, 4, (2010), pp. 1243-1245
Kuncser V, Schinteie G, Palade P, Jepu I, Mustata I, Lungu CP, Miculescu F, Filoti G
Magnetic properties of Fe-Co ferromagnetic layers and Fe-Mn/Fe-Co bilayers obtained by thermo-ionic vacuum arc
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 499, (2010), pp. 23-29
Kuncser V,  Keune W, von Horsten U, Schinteie G
Inter layer magnetic coupling in exchange bias and spin valve structures with Fe-Mn and Ir-Mn antiferromagnetic layers
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, 12, (2010), pp. 385-393
Kuncser V, Keune W, von Hoersten U, Schinteie G, Stefan N, Palade P, Filoti G
Interfacial atomic diffusion in AF/Fe/Cu/Fe (AF=Fe50Mn50 and Ir50Mn50) multilayer systems
Thin Solid Films, 518, 92010), pp. 5981-5985

Miu L, Miu D
On the sensitivity of the Maley technique for the analysis of vortex-creep activation energy in disordered superconductors

Superconductor Science & Technology, 23, (2010), pp. 025033
Miu L, Adachi T, Omori K, Koike Y, Miu D
Temperature dependence of the second magnetization peak in underdoped La2-xSrxCuO4 single crystals
Physical Review B, 82, (2010), pp. 064520

Miu L, Aldica G, Badica P, Ivan I, Miu D, Jakob G
Improvement of the critical current density of spark plasma sintered MgB2 by C-60 addition
Superconductor Science & Technology, 23, (2010), pp. 095002


Miu L, Ivan I, Badica P, Jakob G, Miu D, Mele P, Matsumoto K, Mukaida M, Yoshida Y, Horide T, Ichinose A, Horii S
Origin of the fast magnetization relaxation at low temperatures in HTS with strong pinning
Conference Information: 22nd International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS 2009), NOV 02-04, 2009 Tsukuba, JAPAN
Physica C-Superconductivity and Its Applications, 470, (2010), pp.1126-1129

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Structural refinements and ab-initio calculations for Au3Zr phase
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Thermodynamic destabilization of Li-N-H system by Si Addition
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Magnetism and transport properties of gamma- irradiated polymer-CrO2 composites
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 322 (9-12), (2010), pp. 1405-1408