Mihaela Valeanu Ph. D,
Principal Researcher 1-st degree

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Rapidly solidified ferromagnetic shape memory alloys
Craciunescu, C. M. Ercuta, A.,Mitelea, I., Valeanu, M. Teodorescu V. S,Lupu, N,Chiriac, H
European Physical Journal 158 (2008) 161-165

Shape memory and associated properties in Fe–Mn–Si-based ribbons produced by melt spinning
M. Valeanu, G. Filoti, V. Kuncser, Felicia Tolea, B. Popescu, A. Galatanu, G. Schinteie, A.D. Jianu, I. Mitelea, D. Schinle, C.M. Craciunescu,
J. Magnetism Magnetic Materials 320, e164–e167 (2008)

Influence of the r crystallization processes on the structure and magnetic properties of the Nd2Fe14B/alpha-Fe nanocomposites
Kappel, W, Codescu, M. M, Valeanu, M, Stancu, N, Pintea, J, Lifei, F, Jianu, A, Patroi, D, Patroi, E.
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 9  (2007) 1825-1828

Crystallization processes in Fe-Pt-Nb-B melt spun ribbons
Crisan, A. D, Crisan, O, Randrianantoandro, N, Valeanu M, Morariu, M, Burkel, E.
Materials Science & Engineering C-Biometric and Supramolecular Systems 27  (2007) 1283-1285

Investigation of chemical and grain boundariy effects in highly ordered Sr2FeMoO6: XPS and Mossbauer studies
M. Raekers, K. Kuepper, H. Hesse,I. Balasz, I. G. Deac, S. Constantinescu, E. Burzo, M. Valeanu, M. Neumann,
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 8, 455 (2006)

Magnetic properties of Sr2FeMo1−xMxO6 perovskites with M=W or Ta 

I. Balasz, E. Burzo, and M. Valeanu
AIP Conf. Proc. 899, 763 (2007)