Andrei Galatanu, PhD
Principal Researcher 1-st degree
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fax:     +40-21-369.01.77


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Superconductivity in the complex metallic alloy beta-Al3Mg2
E. Bauer, H. Kaldarar, R. Lackner, H. Michor, W. Steiner, E.-W. Scheidt, A. Galatanu, F. Marabelli, T. Wazumi, K. Kumagai, M. Feuerbacher
Phys. Rev. B 76, 014528 (2007)

Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties of Yb8Ag18.5Al47.5, Yb2Pd2Cd and Yb1.35Pd2Cd0.65
S.K. Dhar, R. Settai, Y. Onuki, A. Galatanu, Y. Haga, P. Manfrinetti, M. Pani,
J.Magn.Magn.Materials 308, p.143-152 (2007)

Low temperature magnetic and transport properties in Ce(Ag,Ni)Sb2 compounds
B. Popescu, E. Royanian, H. Michor, G. Hilscher, E. Bauer, A. Galatanu
Physica B 403, p.937-939 (2008)

Pressure response of Ce(Ag,Ni)Sb2 compounds,
R.T. Khan, R. Galos, E. Bauer, B. Popescu, A. Galatanu
J. Opt.Adv.Mat. 10, p.1612-1615 (2008)

Physical properties of the new ferromagnetic Kondo system CeAg1−xNixSb2
B. Popescu, A. Birsan, A. Galatanu, E. Royanian, G. Hilscher, E. Bauer
J. Opt.Adv.Mat. 10, p.1625-1629 (2008)

Magnetoresistivity and upper critical field in superconductor Mo3Sb7
V.H. Tran, E. Bauer, A. Galatanu, Z. Bukowski
J. Opt.Adv.Mat. 10, p.1630-1632 (2008)